Religion and Urbanity Online (2021)

About the Publication

Susanne Rau & Jörg Rüpke (eds.), Religion and Urbanity Online, Erfurt: De Gruyter, 2021.

Religion and Urbanity Online presents important research contributions on religious change and the change of urban spaces and above all urban forms of life, practices and discourses on urbanness in Europe, the circum-Mediterranean region and South Asia. It provides historians, anthropologists, and sociologists of cities and of religion with research articles as well as overviews. Case studies on cities or urban networks or on specific phenomena and processes help to build a reservoir of knowledge on two overarching questions: What role do religious actors, practices and ideas play in the emergence and ongoing development of cities and “urbanity”? What role did urban actors, spaces and practices and the discourse on urbanity play in the emergence and ongoing development of religious groups and “religion”? The database is published by the Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies “Religion and Urbanity: reciprocal formations”, which investigates the historical contribution of religion to urbanization and the long-term co-constitution and co-evolution of religion and the urban.


All contributions are subject to blind review by an international editorial board. Religion and Urbanity Online is Open Access thanks to a grant provided by the German Science Foundation (DFG, FOR 2779).

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